Moving On

There are things that needed to be train to know right from wrong. Sometimes, it just means that you still need to mature.

Ghost and Things

It was not easy knowing that I lose a child. I was not even sure it happened, except the two kids I was avoided having, unknowingly, with someone that is not in my path.


As a God, I should know Hell.


While my fame was apparent to me 5 years ago, I tried to remain the same.


My dream is complete. I am successful in my field even though it does look like I am using it. Nonetheless, I am very high in my study.


Everyone loves to do things they are comfortable with. Not everybody can be awared of their behaviors that are influenced by their surrounding.


Damon, my lover, got me to see death and punishment differently!

Things I Love

For me, going out is eating out. It is more fun to have food in my stomach. And so, I always take care of myself with food and drinks when I am away from home. I am sure anyone can enjoy food in their stomach!

Anything but Monogamy

Monogamy is aged. I am in a new age, new decade. I don’t need just One Guy to be with me for the rest of my life. I can take care of myself.

Taking Pictures

I don’t have energy to take more pictures. I hope I can find nice pictures online.

Happy Lifestyle

I am happy with my life. I can imagine it getting much better by days. I am not working on anything right now other than sorting out ways to get better health, wealth and family.