School and Hospital Visits

Education is important. I spent two third of my life in school, and the other third in the hospital. I am still visiting the clinic for all the bad things I have in the world. Overall, I have a healthy image of myself and others, which is why I didn’t think my former friends look bad. Now that I am famous, I don’t think hanging out with some people I used to would give me good self-esteem and positive environment for myself. However, I still have to put up with some weird looking people at the hospital and clinics. They look so weird and ugly!!! Yuck!!! I hate to involve with ugly people, but as it seems, I still have another year to go at least.

We are always learning from our environment and repeat things that are good for us. I love to dedicate my time properly by attending school and studying my major. It gives me pleasure to think of positive things I could benefit and do later.

I wasn’t sure why I am still in the hospital about 10 years later for something I am not used to think that could possibly benefit me. My father from heaven thinks that I am perfect, and for me hospital is for sick people. I don’t see why I belong there.


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