My Major

There always a time when you know that you need to make something important happens. I was really excited to be in a major I can contribute in the world. It is computer engineering. I was busy learning new things that I thought worked toward my goals, but they are actually higher than I expected as I continue to learn what I was doing in school. It is not all a struggle, and I even had other studies and devoted time to organizations and clubs to help me with having a strong foundation for work and ethic. It was worth while; I am glad I made it through.

Recently, I found out that my presentation or time at the organizational meeting impacted the student and members that attended that year. That made me really happy since I thought I was not always ready for the talks at the meeting as an officer and later moved into the president position. Overall, I am glad of my decision making regardless of the busy schedule and planning to make things happen. I learned to be persistent, determined, goal-oriented and successful, which help me to be a well-grounded and better person now than ever. I am disciplined, and to many, a true warrior.

I am happy to find a worthy major to work on even now as I find other things not as interesting. I am glad others are influenced by my experiences, and more students are studying computer engineering. I think people that study in my major have good healthy and good mental image as it does consume a lot of time and devotion to the study to be among the best in the field to care much about themselves. Nonetheless, I had social time for some friends, but not enough time at home for the family, which they mentioned. I didn’t realized what I was doing, I just thought I was doing something well worth it and great!




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