My stuff that I bought from Charlotte Russe got delivered and they fit!!! I am surprised that my shirt is not bigger like I expected since I got a large shirt from the same store before. I was nervous whether they would work on me!!! Right now, they are just wrinkle and in need of a wash. I am really hoping to go shopping on October despite having to put aside $400 in case I want to buy jewelry (hopefully a diamond this time). I also need to buy one or two pairs of pants since I have been wearing the same four pants for 1.5 to two years now, the other one doesn’t count because they are even older. I don’t have much clothes left to wear. But I don’t go out that often, so I might end up buying a jewelry piece.

I will put a picture or two up when I feel ready. As you may know, I got a jean overall from Charlotte Russe that reminded me of my identity as Donald at the farm. Another three identities that you could also know are: Charlize Theron, Dr. Dre and Mya Harrison. Yes, I do have quite a few of identity to manage. Also, I don’t have much memory about my other identities at this moment. I said on Facebook that I probably will mention it. I have other names with huge accounts that are well-known to a number of banks, in my experience. (I do recognized my name even if the memory is not there).

I apologize for accusing some people of ruining my things when they, the objects and things, are just magical and minding their own thing. In addition, I may seem comfortable with myself over everything, but sometimes, I do run into thoughts of being really broke and not happy of getting things I want. I don’t know if it is my insecure thoughts or what.

Lately, I am doing something with my time while waiting on my honeys to be near me and then rest, check my social network and writing. I suppose they are nearby, but I just hate not being able to see them with my eyes. I want to hug and hold hands!!! >_<

I am very excited to review and study some advanced grammar and its usage since I have been making some progress with my fans. I am not sure if I can make a good use out of this brand new set of words through Webster’s New World (ISBN 0028634861). I don’t mind studying with others. (I usually only need the same ISBN to get a book.) I still like Verbal Advantage a lot. I don’t know why I can’t retain new words after a while.

I love to compare prices at using the ISBN (for specific) and then buy it from one of the top sellers. Besides that, I search for the book using the title and then buy it from one of the top lists of sellers. It is so fun to purchase and receiving the books. It makes me happy!!!! 😀

I am just going to study and research the advance in computer engineering and its components like programming and knowing good algorithm (a book on it!). Also, I will understand the technique of drawing and COLORING!!!! It is so soothing to draw and coloring. I should handle stress better.

I got a virus on my computer (Acer Iconia)!!!! Yikes!!! I hope it doesn’t interfered with my work. I got no time for some virus on the computer. The computer told me not to get it fixed if I think I run into problems. I don’t know how much time I should wait for the message to go away.


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