Memory Lane


I can’t believe it’s Friday already!!! I am going to rest and think about making weekday plans and setting up my phone!!!! It is looking great with some nice, awesome apps I got from Microsoft. Great thing it’s free right now, for me at least.

I am a great artist!!!! My hubby said I draw like the picture or object, which makes me happy. I am working on my drawing and coloring. I like to have a picture with congenial color and decoration!!! I love to get into dimensional drawing. I will continue to think about it. I haven’t draw any 3-D in so long, or any drawing except imitating the book on drawing. I suppose you can call that drawing. I am making great progress. However, my husband thinks that I am too advanced for the book. Well, the title said, “Art for kids: Drawing” by Kathryn Temple. I am happy that I can get myself to draw at a faster speed than before. I remember taking a lot of time on drawing in the past.

I am so excited to mention that the picture I drew of the bird and the insect for Junior Wildlife Competition in 2004, right after I finished high school, gets more attention by the judges now than ever before. I didn’t realized it is so good!!!! They gave me compliment even more than a decade later. I got a closer look at the main objects that I drew, and it was so detailed and great!!!! I don’t remember if it’s the same as the picture I got from National Geographic or something, but I made the color works!!!! Super!!!! I was using prima color pencils for the first time (36 pencils pack). I was really happy to use as much color pencils as I can to finish coloring the whole picture in a few days. I am still not sure why I waited to the last minutes to finish the picture. I always wanted to draw a better one for the college competition (Wildlife Competition), but I was always busy with my major and minor in college. (I’ll talk more about my passion in college since there are people wanting me to talk and promote computer engineering and sciences).

I am so glad and excited that there are regarded people saying that I did well in my field. I am very happy. I always have negative thoughts that I didn’t do good enough, even though I was always happy to finish my code in a (long) sitting or so. I am so proud that they are still great!!!! I heard that I did really well, and it is still a major accomplishment!!! I never think I was great enough to conquer the hard task and patience of programming and debugging. I didn’t have to ask for help much until much later in college when the subject got too difficult to understand. Someone said I was at a very high level in college, that’s why. It makes sense that I couldn’t do well coding because I don’t understand the topic, so I guess that was okay. Yes, I write some powerful codes: using as less line and to the point as possible with some comments on how to get the in and out of a function or program. Sometimes, I trace the outputs of each line to make sure I was optimizing my program and code as possible and provide just what the teacher is asking in the assignment. Sometimes, I do the bonus if it’s provided. I am very excited. I always carried two course books on C and C++, disregarding the other hard stuff in school. So basically it’s just me, notepad/unix editor, and two books. Well, I usually had to wait on a course or something and so I got one or two other books and the rest were in the car. I always drive around in my red Lancer Mitsubishi with a spot on the back seat saved for books. The C++ book was so big that I dropped on my laptop and it popped my ‘A’ key. I had to get a different laptop, a red VAIO, laptop to replace it. I gave that one away.

I was waiting on the right time to tell everyone the happy news that I found while I was in college. I did not think I got the easy major or way out in school, but it was well worth it. However, I can mention some now and think of adding all of my happy memories together later.


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