English Skills


I am very happy about my English skills :-D. I love to learn English when I was still in school, not during my college years. My grammar and usage have been improving over the last decade when school has stopped suddenly for me. I went moving on with my life without any English courses than the two general courses that I have to take for college, which I took early on (like 15 years ago). They were not focus on understanding sentence structure and part of speech or grammar. But on reading and writing essays, which I did fine. I didn’t think I was great, or I would have doing something extra.

I am happy that people find my English understanding to be advanced and vast (hahahah!). I like to learn the popular language (that many or most people in the world are using). I was studying English and Spanish. Though I didn’t have time to pursue my love for languages in English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Hebrew, Latin and French. I can’t recalled much Spanish now (the only language I studied properly from the beginning), but I hear from some trusted sources that I scored really high on the Spanish AP test. I don’t know why I received a low score when it was high all along. I was really disappointed at both outcome, though I am quite glad about the high score later. I used an online dictionary to do my homework for high school, which I got to an AP level, preparing for college. I didn’t study French, Latin or Hebrew, but I think that it is a good idea to study.

I always strive to understand the sentences properly so that I can work on a more complex sentences for college with more difficult vocabulary. I am not using much difficult vocabularies right now because I haven’t write in a while. In addition, I keep on forgetting words, except for those I know so well. I always have a high expectation for entering the university that I have attended, which is UTA (if you forget). That was why I studied rigorously on some areas prior to college in high school by staying in a less advanced courses to understand the beginning, I suppose I thought that was best. I had some advanced courses too like for calculus, sciences and computer science. I just started on an advanced placement (AP) computer science in high school for the credits. I didn’t think I would have such focus on computer science and engineering in college, or I might have started sooner. I am happy with my choices regardless. :-p

I would go on to talk about my area in computer engineering and how it comes about for me. But I don’t know if I should continue right now because I think we both should rest on it until the next post. I talked so much about my study in English that I have little focus in the last 1.5 decade that I think I need more time for something I actually have more focus on in college and think about the last decade or so (onto a new post later!). 😀




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