I have more time to focus on what I wear now. I really like off the shoulder shirt like the one you saw on the picture (below), except wearing it past the shoulder, not like how I wear in the picture at home. I had three like 6 years ago to wear at home: white, orange, and green. They are really comfortable to me. But I donated them a few months ago because they don’t look good on me anymore. I bought two more last time I went to the mall which was after I donated the other three. I like them, but I don’t know why I had a feeling that I should wearing them to church (aka outdoor). They seems comfortable to me. I suppose it is nice that I found something I like, and there are things that are thankful or something. I had one in red and dark blue mixed with white. I just bought another one in yellow! I may buy a few more since I still like those. I want to be able to fit to my clothes first. I haven’t wear the (metallic) midi skirt that I mentioned of late. I am happy to find clothes that I absolutely love.


I am trying to collect more clothes that I absolutely love.

For now, I am going to get ready for church!


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