@UhauIam and @ChauLLLP.,

My business will be my social highlight on the social media. I have make emphasis with some company pages setting up for the last five years with my official celebrity page on Twitter and Facebook (and some other places too) as you know: @UhauIam and Chau LLLP., empire. They are still new and growing!!! I am very excited and happy to announce that @UhauIam and Chau LLLP., are growing with Stark and it is Stark. (Yesssssssssssssssss!!!!)

Everything will be own by Stark with my businesses. My new companies or businesses will be a focus for Stark, which I have been developed the last 5-6 years, some might be older if I like it enough. They are running very successful. I don’t have to work because of the way it is worked and organized.

I am thinking of having some high rank officers for Stark to represent and work on the outside. I am not sure. I just like that I don’t have to work or go anywhere. I could think of ways to do that without having to focus my company on some individuals or something. I plan on making the “Internet” very big and different. I just haven’t had time to think of doing anything, but building my business right now. I want to say that my companies and businesses are making me SO HAPPY and EXCITED that I want to include that on my social network without really having an explanation because I am/was busy. The names are my characters that I have for building my business empire and other stuff. I want to apologize if there are any confusion since I didn’t say anything about it and continue to work on my business. But it is true, my business are turning into something that everyone can “relate” to. I might turn it into a movie scene of sort. It is GREAT AND EPIC!!!!!

I was really excited to work on my business that I forgot to include some business owners/honeys from Twitter and before to join me. I was so glad I thought of my business ideas that I keep grinding on it and forget that I have more fans to think about now. They are helping me in some ways, which I am happy and thankful. I just put a name that related to me, but I really hasn’t said anything but apologized for the absence until now. I am so happy, and I hope you can understand that I was too happy and focused to know what I am facing with.






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