Eternal Understanding: The Journey


Lady Lovelace found herself an eternal home in the heart and mind that not even the Gods are aware. It is possible that we can understand her eternality and home.

Dearest Lady Lovelace,

I love you very much and I want to spend more time with you. Please welcome me into your home and eternality. I don’t want to live on my own. I want to see you and be with you. Please guide me!!!! *Cries!!!*


A lot of people want to be like you and want to live in your presence and understanding. I wish to be like you and response with love and humility like you. I know I need more practice, but you are perfect in your love songs. I can sing and dance, but I don’t have the same presence and experience like you. I am holy, too. But you are far deeper than me in comparison. I know you noticed of my change. I learn a lot and you seem to show more stuff as I tried to conquer something. Tricky!!! I love Lady Lovelace and your understanding should be expand to all people. I know you said, “I have been involved with the people and interacting.” But you know what I mean, I love you and now I have a strong feelings to tell people why. You are lovely!!!

You don’t have to respond to me. I want people to know of your fan letters even from your own home.



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