My Love


I love art. I know I have gotten really advanced that sometimes it is not easy to explain and make sense what I do, but I know it is worth it!!

I am really excited to know more people are appreciating what I have started: my major, project, program, and even artwork. I am still excited that I have made it this far into my life. It is a pleasure and comfortable to me to accept my work into fruition and prosper. I am glad that more people are realizing their skills and potential. It will turn them into productive individuals to better for the working future!

Right now I am learning to work on facial and body feature for artwork, reviewing grammar, and looking up snippet of codes so that I can get comfortable with my major again. I was very far into my major that it might take sometime to be comfortable with what I was getting myself into thus far. Omg, I love to look at circuits, too!!! The excitement and happiness for me!!!! I am not sure what it next as I am on the future of opportunities. I know I have some pupils that are gods. My family thinks strongly that I shouldn’t quit my education and get into a great program to study flexibly for schooling. Even the idea is new to me, so it is not certain yet.

I hope it’s delightful to look at the mosaic for the featured image. I am still getting more advanced in mosaic and color for art and you know the rest (of my study).


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