To Whom It May Concerns:


I got a new Revlon Ultra shine liquid lipstick from Ulta last month, which made me happy!!! I like this color (as seen in the featured image), even though I am absolutely missed the last one I bought like 2 years ago while moving things around my room. I am so sad; it has so much glitter and the color is bright. I love color with shine and vibrancy!!!! I wanted to see if they still sell those when I went to the store last month, but it’s not there anymore. I am fine. They come out with different ones. I got two. The other one is Revlon Ultimate Liquid lipstick (clear violet). I am new to this one!!! I like people to see the lipstick color, not clear color. It is still quite interesting. 😀

My curling irons are still brand new but buggy. I don’t even want to try opening the package for the straightener. I am disappointed. How little you know me!!! 😛 I know it is coming from somewhere. I have been saving those and now they are buggy when I open them.

Please don’t try to contact or look me up if you the bad persons that doing random things to me. Don’t bother. I don’t want any of you near me or my property. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO BAD PEOPLE, EVEN IF YOU ARE STILL IN DENY WHETHER YOU ARE THE ONES MENTIONED.

I guess some people prefer to keep me on a watch or something. Why don’t you watch your steps and stop bothering me at all cost!!!!!

Good riddance!


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