There was a guy when I started making changes to wearing and buying nicer clothes, but I just really wanted to make a permanent to fit the whole package of growing up and being in a professional fields.

It was 2007 when I think I should making changes to doing things in my life. It was different than what I was used to, but I was making progress and real change with representing myself and my business, which I was thinking of developing. I tell someone about it in a job interview. I was serious.

I didn’t really had a name or area for my corporation or business, but I thought it should be something I am comfortable with. I named it “Chau” or “Chau Corporation”. The word “corporation” is to tell people that it’s a big company. I was happy. However, I was not sure that I was awesome in my field, and so it’s not really within my area, but mainly research and work around it. It get developed to something I formed not long ago, which is named Stark /Stark Industries. I didn’t think I was super with doing research either, but I know it was time to start a business. I worked so long and hard in my field and life. Also, the “S” in Stark is the same first letter as my godly name. I am very happy!!!

Sometimes, I have movies out about things I am related to. For instance, Iron Man is similar to what I want of developing into in real life. It is still too soon to say what I will have in the future for my businesses, even though they are running successful everywhere. I have other new businesses that I will include into my Stark Industries ‘Corporation’ like building Power plants (Mr. Burns Corporation), fuel and mines for my businesses. I am really happy of my collective thoughts and myself.

So, it is official that I have really huge businesses named Stark. Also, I have Microsoft Corporation, and it will be own by Stark. I am not going to change the name. I think. I am not thinking about names right now. :-/

I am trying to tell a love story of my life as I was developing my businesses, but it is interfered with my businesses. So, I have to tell another time.




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