Mobile Devices


I look fantastic in my new photo!!! I am so excited and happy!!!

I used Nexus cell phone to take the picture. Then, I chose one of the filters on Instagram to edit the picture(s) before uploading them to my social network (Twitter and Facebook). I am so glad Instagram is updated without me putting in any work!!! I picked the best one as the featured image. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my cell phone because it is big and great to use!!! There are more places for me to listen to music and watch movies and music videos now (and GPS!), though I had the phone for almost 1.5 year. It is not easy for me to find good phone. I am very happy to find this one. It is the same brand as my sister at home. I always thought phones bigger than 4” were uncomfortable to carry. I looked at several in the past and never thought to buy them. I didn’t think it was an option because I tend to fit my cell phone to my jean pocket so that I can still move around. I didn’t carry purse/s everywhere like now, and Nexus mobile doesn’t fit for all of my purses. So, I just carry it on my hand sometimes when there are no where to put.

Nexus mobile is 6”, and it is not the biggest phone I ever purchase!!! I got a Samsung Androit 8” tablet phone from I thought it was nice, but since I am not using it as a phone, I should just give it away, which I did.

I know you guys would love to hear about my computers. I love them!!!!!!! Right now, I am using my 23” Asus All-In-One and 14” Acer Iconia (demo atm). I am very happy about them, but my 23” takes too much room for my desk and I haven’t thought of adding a new desk to the room like I wanted to have a queen size bed instead of a full frame/twin mattress bed; I barely have room left after putting a shelf into my room for books and decoration!!! I am just using what I can make of in my room, with the space I have left. I am just happy that my room has been repainted.

I digress about my computer. Yes, I have 5 computers (left) total. 2 of which I use simultaneously at times because I love them both. However, I want to replace the 23” with a better one. I found a Samsung 27” touchscreen computer at Fry’s. I am so glad finding that. It’s great! I haven’t really got a white computer before. Nonetheless, I am really interest in a Microsoft Surface Pro. My desk area can be my art studio!!!!! I just love computer. I don’t think it will go to waste because I have quite a few. All of them are different. Besides that, I am really sad and disappointed that I still couldn’t get the virtual keyboard, acer ring, and some control manager to show on the second/first screen or something usually as seen in the picture if you can search it online. It is so new and I don’t know how to set it up like the other Acer Iconia 6120 demo that I got several years ago at Fry’s, still new, haven’t use, and lost!!!!

I bought the 23” Asus when I wanted to have it for entertainment. However, it looks like the computer can’t handle much more memory. I am in critical state for computer memory. I am very sad. In addition, it is breaking down slowly as I use it for almost a decade now after college.

Anyway, I am so happy of the outcome for my 14″. It looks so good. I don’t like that it is a little messy and buggy to show to others. I am certain that everyone would love it too. It is making business on looking that great in appearance and use!!! I am excited.

I might talk more about my 14” Acer because of how excited I am. But it sounds too complicated right now. Maybe.

This is one of the longest post I have ever written on WordPress.


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