I love to learn ways to perfect my coding skills. I may need to refresh my memory at times and get used to how a book is organized, but after all the preparation is done. The real work should be fine. I hate problems and buggy codes. I need to make some comments to my work because, sometimes, I think it’s obvious. However, I want to remember what the code is about years later when I feel like looking at it.

I like Google, Bing and AVG. I noticed some of the search engine staffs even kick off some people because of their searches or something. I can’t believe there are people that are so not intelligent. I suggested some people from my head to use “Google” if they don’t know something a while back. Later, I found out I got spammed from my searches. I didn’t understand where it came from at first. But now it’s hilarious to me!!!

I haven’t think about programming in so long that I got excited thinking about organizing the codes in my head after I get acquainted with the language. I chose C++ to start. I really want to upgrade my coding skills now and start on something fresh!!!

I am so excited!

I am aware that my study skills is getting really advanced for many people. I don’t suggest everyone should do as I do if it is getting complicated!!! Hahahah!!!

I am so happy about coding that I will continue to read more about it and coding. Nonetheless, I also try to add physics and electronic/electrical to my spare time that I have when I got tired of focusing on one thing. I am not sure. I could also look up at more advanced topics on computer engineering and stuff since I am more familiar to the study. That certainly would make me feel comfortable, I think.

I thought that was a good start: programming. But I could look up at some other stuff I can do with my skills and knowledge. I am not set on one idea, I work around it too when I get bored. I don’t always write about the details of my work, ideas and accomplishment. I assumed people had their ideas of what I have and do according to the keys of my work.


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