My Islands


It is early morning, I just woke up. I always find it is nice if we can have a good sleep. Though I sometimes had to wake up to take care a few things for my island, I can still enjoy my sleep; except a few times when my husband woke me up to be with the tourists or the people on the island via the internet.

I like how things are going, even though I am lacking resources to be at high levels. I was trying really hard for one whole month to have two casinos to my island. They are taking a lot of people to events. My husband said the people that running the islands are behind and I should take time to rest, except when I am collecting profits at the casino and when I need to add people to events (at the casino). I guess I am still having fun, though I am slowly running out of money myself! Yikes!!!

I guess now is a good time to say that I was prepared for the work on my island turned into an app for me to use. I think of it as a serious app game!!! I can’t believe there are so many levels available.

Earlier, I was trying to review some programming. I got excited, even though it reminded me of more work on the side that I tried to reduce. I don’t wish to work. I just thought I could benefit from reviewing some topics of study.

I know I am a role model to many people, and so I tried to think of ways to be super. Hahhaaha! I am already great!!!



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