Right now, I am happy with my computers, food, art, and reading. It is very helpful to have goals through out the day in order to finish a task and make an accomplishment.

I finished reading a fun book in two weeks. It is called, “A Year in the Life of a Complete and Total Genius” by Stacey Matson. Now I’m trying to see if I can read this small print book in Vietnamese by Robin Palmer. It is about a girl named Dylan Schoenfield.

I haven’t read a Vietnamese book in the United States. I hope it is not difficult to understand since I found the first paragraph dense. Supposedly, I only aware that I know two languages: English and Vietnamese. However, I could be reading gibberish on this new book since I haven’t seen that many words in Vietnamese.

I am relaxing before finishing my goal of finding easy reading book for physics and programming. It is best to be enthusiastic with doing some codes while studying something I haven’t studied for over a decade; and now quantum physics. I am excited at the challenge while hoping that I won’t get tiring and discouraged.

I have gave up on my goals of finding a great job, even though I have a new business now. I don’t know why I needed to work when I had some new businesses all along. I am happy at home accomplishing my goals and let others works for me (not really aware of what they do). I am not working for anybody at the moment. It feel right!

I am trying to have a good habit of doing something with my time since I am not on vacation. I am enjoying myself when I am not doing something, which is a great thing! I am comfortable with myself. I am trying something different with the pack of make-up I bought a few years ago. I have been using quite a few of lipsticks made available to me from Ulta and Sephora for the past few months. However, I am very happy that there a few other that are still wrapped.

I am happy of a few shirts and skirt I got lately. I got two more fabrics for my mom to make me dresses. I can’t wait to show them to others, which makes me happy. I am disappointed that I don’t have shoes that I would enjoy wearing because I am wearing flats right now. I started wearing flats because I found them at the stores and malls; and they reminded me of a close girl friend named Nhu Le in college, who I saw wearing flats when she was hanging out with me at times, that I haven’t seen in a decade now. Also, my feet got twisted while wearing these platform shoes, which got me scared of not walking right in high heels. So then, I wear flats and threw away my other shoes that I miss now.

As I mentioned, I don’t like pity. When I got sick, I distanced myself from people. Also, I don’t have a job to support myself and didn’t like to talk about my life or anything. I didn’t trust people because there was this one guy that I don’t know his name lied so much that I was afraid to trust anyone else.

My life’s story can be quite complex. That is why I try to break it down slowly. Lolz.



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