I have studied a lot of grammar and usage over my years in school. I feel like I have a great understanding of how to use and correct it, even if I feel like it is not polished since I stopped writing the last decade (while being in and out of the hospital/clinic). I would love to read a book on creative use of grammar and its usage.

I love to know more advanced word, but I have a hard time remembering them. I studied “Verbal Advantage” since I started college, and the most I have gotten is Level 3; and then I had to relearn the words again because I forgot. I want to be in the top 1-3% of educated adults like the book said and be knowledgeable in my major in college by knowing how to express and interpret events, work and study.

I even bought an advanced electronic device to help me learned more words as I tried to read faster and more. But the definition is not always easy to understand. I took a class in college to study how to read fast and take better notes. It does helped me read fast and comfortably.

I tried to read more, but I can only read what piques my interest and passion. I was very happy when I noticed that I only need to know how to read codes and circuits and be okay in interpret the textbook for the tests and midterms. But school is over and done.

I am happy with myself and what I got out of going to school, even though I feel that I could enjoy a more creative environment and study. I was interest in creative writing in high school, but I was not done with understanding grammar and usage. Though my writing got better, I was focused on my major and minor in school rather than focused on being more creative.

I ended up in the hospital and had to put away everything. I didn’t do anything for the last decade when I got admitted into the hospital and stopped college. It was and still is a burdened to be enlightened, so I find out that this is really me through the difficult time of thinking that I am sick.

I am not sick.



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