I want to let everyone knows that I am a very high royal person on many lands, not just in Asia and Europe, or only on this planet even. I don’t know why I only know that about a year ago when I was royal all along. Well, somehow I keep on saying that I am a princess in the United States, too. So it must be true! (LOLz)

I have only focused on myself, but there are many other people that work with me. I have to remember that if I were to express anymore about my interest in learning for the future. Besides learning at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), which is supposed to be prestigious, as a student and as an exchange student elsewhere more privileged, I have other interest; for instance, I am a singer and an actress on movies. I have some empire for that area of regard. It might know to the fans there that I might only be just a singer and or just an actress. But truly, I am much more.

There are more people living just like me. I am working toward a better living.

I hope people consider my rank and royalty too when my focus are at stake.




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