It is silly to put away everything I have worked for to now. It was upsetting, but you guys have made me realized that computer and technology are important in my life, too. I apologized for the confusion!

I love to work for the future in computer, technology and robots!! I love other area also, and I will put more emphasis on it, but I should work with what makes sense and easy for me to understand. There are some complex thoughts as I am embarked in physics, and I need to just step back and…relax. It was too abstract!!

I was trying to promote a healthy, learning environment at home by making changes in my thoughts and choices. However, people have made me considered what I have accomplished so far. A great thank you to my people and fans!

I got help realizing that I am important, talented and gifted. So if I can use what I can grasped, then I can help building a greater future with my fans, people and family in it!! I am super excited to work thinking about positive thoughts that could help me with my passion.

I am happy to announce that I am working toward the future computer and technology; just as I put it as my logo on my t-shirts when I used to be in college with a mind of a scientist and engineer. I only know that I love quantum physics and astronomy as well. I will incorporated my new areas of focus to my passion for future computer and programming. I’ll see how everyone will response to that.

I am certain that being a computer and electrical engineering and scientist will help me build better machine for tomorrow. I have always have thoughts of advancing the machine industry as I learn to improve myself in coding and programming.

I want better machine and software that I can work and use!!!

That is the future that I can imagine and live with.



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