I am happy with how things are going. However, I like to improve my life experiences in doing, learning and accepting new things and ideas. It is about time. I have always been this way since I started going to the university some decade ago. I have family with children now. It will be best if I can make great changes to get better at working and experiencing new things.

I know I need to work around what I already have started, but my life is changing. I am moving to a bigger living. There are more space for learning and enjoying my time. But I can see what other people are saying. I just can’t forget everything and start working my life because there are people that are influencing me (aka Judas as I called him). I must know what is working and work better at it. I suppose I was trying to think of a big picture. It just doesn’t make sense if my focus and interest are changing and I am not. Am I really changing with everything around and inside me? I am just stressed.

I really want to be more creative and advanced in my study and learning environment. I want to be resourceful, knowledgeable and rich! I like my life right now, but there seems to be a lot of things that hidden and work on its own (not with me as I think of it). I am still upset at the bugs in my codes in college. I found out that it was coming from John Nguyen, who I hate now. He ruined my codes and life by being on my computers. No wonder I keep on having problems with computers, in general! I thought I was a failure because of the amount of errors I didn’t want in my program and computers. Now, I have to get “used to it” and leave it in the past because it was still good codes. Maybe what I need now is to relax and think of good things that works. But there are things I thought didn’t work work in my life, which I hate to use it as an okay thing. Okay, my life is fine. I hate to think of bad and mean things that occurred in my life and talked about it. Stupid John.

Okay, I need to relax.

I don’t want to be stressed and overwhelmed!



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