I am making changes in my life to renew my journey on Earth. I know my fans are making changes to their life too to make it happier and greater than before.

I just start by changing the way I think and see things. My thoughts are pretty old and need to be put away! It is useless to think and write about people that bothered me, that could get annoying and old when I have time to reflect my thoughts. I love to have healthy and great thoughts.

I have to make changes because I am changing my focus. That means, I don’t need to focus on understanding and working on computer-wise stuff. I need to find out what I like and love in learning so that I can work around that. I hope I don’t get discourage because I really love to learn about computer and programming. I have been at it for over a decade when I am not sleeping and during my college years.

I am going the library and thrift bookstores in the next few weeks to find my interest, besides Googling which at times can be spam.

I know people are trying to stop me because I made a lot of achievement in my field, even if the rewarding moments are almost going unnoticed at the university. How would I know if my USBs were being used for greater things when I keep on annoying at myself for loosing things??! I thought my stuff were lost and useless. But I am thankful that it was good information with my programming in as less lines in my tiny USB storage devices; and it could be used for something else! Happy!!!

Okay fine, I will still have focus in computer and electrical engineering as a scientist. I was pretty successful in my field, I suppose, to reconsider my focus in life and make drastic change around it. I hope people don’t find my computers as clutters. I love and work on all of them. I also update the changes that I like from one computer to another. Also, I tell and update people on the computers I have and use because I LOVE COMPUTERS. I used to have more tablets, too. I like to be a consumer while working on new changes I like to see.

I listen.

I think I should focus on putting away things and thoughts that I find useless in my life and work toward something that makes sense to other people. I don’t know why I think my life is a mess. But I do want to be happier and greater than I ever was.

I hope other people are not as troubling as me.

Above all else, I am happy with my life.


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