I will always be an artist. I like to draw and be creative in my choices. I like things I own to be desirable and attractive to others. That does not mean that I am mean not telling sources where I get stuff. It is part of me choosing nice, pretty and sort of pricey things. I mean it is common to me, and I have high expectation of myself, things which  that I want to express about myself to people that I know. Nevertheless, I am aware that I am famous and have more fans now. So, I might change the way I think, when I have time to gather and organize my thoughts.

I think I should accept things in my possession to be at high cost if it’s something I love. Everything has a cost, if you want it, you have to earn up to it or something. I work extra hard to get where I am, which makes me happy. I like things that I can afford, even if it’s expensive.

I don’t think that I am less decorated than I was before when I got more money to spend on coloring and perming  my hair to my choices. It was fun, but I also like my hair like I have now with less work on it.

I just want to express how I like to do things so that people know that I do understand the reasons behind my spending and doing things. I am not a spendthrift. I do know that I have more money than I think.

I am happy and thankful.



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