Things I Love


I love new ideas and things. I rather spend time outside shopping for nice, useful things than being locked up at home. I got no car and I don’t like asking others to take me places. I am not sure why I am uncomfortable to borrow their car or something.

Right now, I love to work on my island (more than my city). I want to see what it really looks like one day. I spent a lot of time and money on my island. It is great!

I love to spend time advancing to newer topics from college at home. I need to update how I use time to find information and find new places to get great information so that I can get better results. I rely too much on Google, and it could be helpful; but I want to move to a new environment rather than feel like I am stuck at the same place!

Since, I don’t have a car at the moment. I spend my time eating at home >90% of the time. I enjoy it, even though I prefer some changes at times.

I am having trouble finding some stable places and things to spend money on other than on my island and stuff. Not sure why, there is a push for need of more money to spend on more things when I am trying to settle on some stuff. Obviously, not my fault, but some outside factor. With that, I need more MONEY!!!

I love spending time with my husbands online and at home via our thoughts. They said they talk, but I just talk with my head. It is enjoyable! I can’t wait to know what it likes to talk in person later!!!

I use my time fine. I got a lot of focus which helps me get the tasks done early, which is more time for me to rest in bed. Yippee!!! And talk to my favourite people in the whole world.
I get to read a little. It is nice. I like easy reading and flipping through magazine. I like to look through images to find the picture that I like to draw so that I can get better as an artist!!! I have pastels, prisma color pencils, and paint. Technically, I have oil pastel too, but it looks cheap (lol).

I still enjoy being a computer scientist or engineer. I might review some key stuff from college or just learn how to put a nice web page online. I will be very happy if I can get what I want out of the books that I have right now. I don’t have a lot of experiences in putting up web pages, and it’s so costly to be something of sort to set stuff up around the house. I love to have a hobby, but it’s so costly right now when I am spending my money elsewhere.

I am making business with my computer. Right now, I am designing some computers at home to see if I like it permanently. I don’t like changes, even though I want better changes than changing around the icons and fonts (hahah!). I am using my talent efficiently. I bought the computers with the hardware that I want. And with that I am working on the finish touch, computer response, and the user interface using the stuff from the computer, not making my own software to change.

My computer looks really good. I used to set up two or three computers the same way, but I still need some testing. I am working on Acer Iconia 6120 (demo). I got two of them, and using one right now. I lost the other one somewhere in Houston, Texas.

I don’t have that many normal computer around, and right now I am thinking of replacing my some 23” Asus computer. I had it for almost a decade now and everything is breaking down over the years.

I love computer, and I love to spend time on my computers playing and enjoying my hobby on it.

Anyway, I will have more than one focus, not just physics. I thought about it, and I don’t think it’s very fun. I love to learn more than limiting myself to just one subject, which my husbands said is quantum physics. I love quantum physics!

On a side note, I started my blogs writing mostly about my experiences and how I feel sometimes because I thought that that was the trend. I read a lot stuff that people write based on themselves, and so that was how I got started.


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