I am living a special moment in time. The capture of events that in my mind are unique, special and great. One hubby told me that I am really brilliant and things I do are highly intelligent.

I didn’t believe what Len told me since I didn’t think I have much to prove, but now I know I am truly gifted, special and lucky!!!

Len also told me that the people that I surround myself are special and gifted, too. In a way, I think he told me to be careful if I suspect someone around me are bad.

So then, I want to tell my fans that I like them very much and think that they are good, gifted and highly intelligent (smart).

But then lately, I went through some thoughts that I thought was also special and interesting. I found out that human are more different/unique and special than I thought. I didn’t even have thoughts that I was smart in order to have improvement on how I think about other human beings.

I am very happy to know that I am surrounded by highly intelligent creatures.

I may make more interesting findings and thought on this later; right now I just want to relax and enjoy my life fully.


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