My husband told me to focus my study to physics. I know I always like physics even though I always scared of failing in college. I am very happy to announce that I got an award in physics due to my solution to a physics question. I haven’t picked up my award from the university yet because I thought their contact to me was weird. Besides, that I truly got an award in physics and wildlife art competition. Yesssssssssssssss!!!!

I am very happy. They even got me a boyfriend (lol). I didn’t notice he was attractive (lol). So, I heard.

I suppose my main study can be physics. I really like astronomy also and how the stars are analyze in physics as loop hole or whatever. I am very happy. I love time!!! My study is quite vast, but I will start somewhere small soon. As soon as I know what it is.

I am sad that I have to leave my other works to others. Hopefully, they will not leave me disappointed as I have been covered a lot of things to my liking. But husbands told me to leave it be and focus on one thing.

I am happy to find my focus. I consider myself a scientist, not yet a physicist officially.

However, I won’t leave my readers sad and say that I am a physicist.




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