Moving On


There are things that needed to be train to know right from wrong. Sometimes, it just means that you still need to mature. I hate to run into people that don’t know what is appropriate and good. It troubling me to keep the┬árelationship until it goes wrong. There are people that are meant to be in your life, and there are people that not worth the time and effort. Maybe some people need some time to reflect themselves, whether their friendship is right for another person. I hate to keep myself from a good rest. Stop contacting them if they are right for you. Do us both a favor and keep away from me!

I am appologize but I can no longer accept the relationship I have with people that I used to hang out. I still have some contact to people through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I may be fine with keeping in contact through the social network, but I am no longer have desire to hang out and stay friends with people or old friends.



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