Boy-Girl Relationship

I believe we are so used to thinking what our mind is telling us that we think we know what is good for us. I remembered thinking that I shouldn’t be fresh to a guy-girl relationship because I knew someone who think that I should have already had a boyfriend. Perhaps it was apparent to her because she thought I was cool or something.

Now that I know I have a lot of people working on my daily life, I don’t even know if that was my thought: to not be so fresh to boy-girl relationship. Personally, I hang out with a guy because I am attracted to him or something, which would turn into a relationship. I don’t have that intimate relationship with that many guys because I am not used to hang out with just any guy, even if I am comfortable with someone.

In high school, I was just enjoying my time with people; and so it seemed from the beginning that I loved to associate with guys who like me. But I got into trouble with my parents because I didn’t seem to have focus in school.

I enjoyed hanging out with people because I liked their company. I want to emphasize that in college, my focus was in my study and major. I rarely had time to socialize with people because I had such busy lifestyle by my third year of college. I had school, job and clubs that I spent most of my time in. I had lone time when I went out for food or for break. Being sociable with people on the side was just the periphery to my goals. Therefore, I didn’t have a lot of expectation from people and I didn’t care how I reacted and did things. However, I was not wreckless. I had and have responsibilities.



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