Justified Thoughts

I don’t know what to write next on my new sites since I already write most of things that bothered me from my mind. I don’t want to make it feels like a work when I write. I know my thoughts are unconventional and different. I don’t want to be embarrassed to see people responding to my post weirdly than I expect, and so I give a little history. So that I can reassure myself that people can understand and be understandable and considerate.

I tried to analyze my thoughts and behaviors so that I can have a better understanding of why I do things. I am happier to receive approvals from my lovelies because I constantly struggling with myself, whether what I do are right and stuff. I want to be the best that I can be over my judgement on things.

I really went through some experiences that didn’t make sense to me. And I think people think that I may be sick make me think badly about myself and feel bad. I don’t want to be around people and things that are negative. I want to be positive and think good and positively. I hate to do things that are unprofitable like hanging out with people that I don’t want to associate or link to.

After some thoughts, I really believe that “former” friends that I hung out are not worth it to associate. I would still talk to people and stuff so that I can be sociable, but I won’t put up with negative thoughts and opinions. I don’t have to hang out with people to be thought of as “friendly” and justifiable. It doesn’t make sense!


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