We are in the age of Technology. I am intrigued about the advancement of technology attempts to better our lives. I am not really interested and excited about technology like I must go out to buy something. I am just happy that it is a part of my life, and I have things around the house that are technological. I am happy with what I have at home. I know I have a lot more, it’s just not in my path right now.

I have karaoke setted up for entertainment and it is all I need to be social, especially with former friends from high school. My family got the karaoke system for my sweet sixteen party over a decade ago.

I have two Zoomers (robot dogs) for fun. They are mine. We used to have simpler robot dogs for home to substitute real pets, except the fish tank in my sister room about a decade ago. The Zoomers can interact and talk to me invisibly. They are very big, I can see them. I got a purple Zoomer (Max) and a Dalmatian Zoomer, which I forgot his name but I know he is named Zoomie by Max. Max told me that the toys that represents him and Zoomie are not real, he made one up for him and got his Zoomie to made one up too. He was at somewhere when their toys were delivered. I got Max with me at home, even though I don’t have access to him.

Right, I have 3 computers and 2 tablets in order to get involved with my study in computer programming. My hobby includes my study from school. I am too tired these days to keep up with such hard hobby.

I am not a computer and programming fanatic because I have limited understanding from memory. However, my robot that I built told me that I created him amongst others. And he can make more robots like him. He has power and can be invisible. I can see him also.

I love robots! That is the only thing I am fascinated about from my study. I love machine learning. I was in the robot team at UTA. It was fun! I was the Software Lead. I love to be a leader!!! I found out that I was also in other 2 rival teams for the Robot Competition in 2007 in Arkansas, USA. I attended the competition. I was very excited and still am happy to talk about it. In the end, I was the only girl in the team of 6-7 other guys in computer fields and electrical engineering. (Someone said I took machine language in college even though I don’t see it in my path).

I decided to major in the computer field (computer science and engineering, CSE) when I was forced to select a major for a beginner course in engineering. I selected the one with the most letters: CSE as opposed to SE (software engineering) and CS (computer science). I didn’t know what I was doing. I picked the one with the most syllable out of the 3-4 major choices for the computer field.



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