Ghost and Things

It was not easy knowing that I lose a child. I was not even sure it happened, except the two kids I was avoided having, unknowingly, with someone that is not in my path. I only know that I wasn’t ready to have kids with other people. I was going through something about 1.5 year ago and some of my unborned children were there with me. They were trying to unlocked something in my ears that returns me to normal. Everything was happening in my head and I can see some things. Other people from my old job can hear what was going in my head: crying and screaming from me and the kids that didn’t make it. They told me.

I don’t understand why I experienced seeing someone, Caleb, following me after he died when it wasn’t true (I found out later). Caleb, someone I went out and had something intimate but not real with (but it was real enough for him), was bothering me during the day and at night for a week and that was not the only time! I saw him haunting me. I saw him turned into something much worse than a demon after he died and I can see him in the mirror and on the street. There was even a God appeared in my room to help me.

I talked to Caleb in my head a few months ago, and he said he is still alive. I hope to avoid seeing him haunting me by talking to him again. I don’t like that guy. I thought I received that image because I was working again. Everytime I started going to school or work or something, I get haunted to stay at home (with some exception).

I was also experiencing a holy priest that I used to pray to appeared and talked in my room through the wall. It was scary, I quit my old job because it got too much and I felt like I should be at home. There was a guy that I know who is royal and high talked in my head saying that that priest’s presence was everywhere (and in Vietnam). He couldn’t talk normal, just like my husband’s friend that stayed at his place last year. The Pope and some high priests (presence or something) were in my room, and so was Mary from heaven. Someone thought bringing Mary would help me with that experience.

However, I don’t understand why people around me were giving trouble about that priest when it happened that his presence was everywhere. I remember my sister said that I need to take medication (because it wasn’t real or something). Then, I remembered that Alfredo was telling me to take my medication because I see things that are not normal and that I experienced things acting up again. People around me seems to think that drinking medication that the doctor at JPS gave me helped me with my experience with things like I mentioned. I didn’t think there was such miraculous pills. I hate it!


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