As a God, I should know Hell. (I receive information from different sources that I am a God. I was stubborn at first, but I came to believe it eight years ago. I also found out 2 years ago that I knew I was a God all along, and I have another self, a copy, as a God).

Anyway, I only know hell from my surrounding. For instance, I saw a dead man from another planet in hell. His image is in my sibling‘s door across from the restroom, where I usually took a brief look at the door after using the restroom. He got burned, and he smiled at me. It is creepy. I can see his legs in the fiery water like the liquid inside the volcano. I don’t know why he likes show himself to me. It wasn’t pleasant. The Devils knew it and appeared on the same door like that guy. (That’s all I can collect from the door). I know that was not how they look on the door. They told me they can appear as humans. I was repelled to believe them being able to be themselves freely because I was afraid of something so new. Apparently, I didn’t believe that Hell exists.

I was glad that the Devils like me. I was relieved that I didn’t have to go through a lot with them. I found out that they even help me with my thing with the hospital. It was huge. I can feel their present in the hospital’s elevator a few times and in the nurse’s office when I have an appointment.


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