Everyone loves to do things they are comfortable with. Not everybody can be awared of their behaviors that are influenced by their surrounding. So then,  we copy or make use of other’s behaviors from some source. Through practice, we are used to repeat things in our life with patterns that don’t belong to us. Sometimes, we blame ourself for the pattern that we do. Other time, we blame others. It is best that we should think twice about our choice and decision so that we can reduce stress and further fault and mistakes. It’s not a mistake unless it’s a choice, which is then our fault through our action regardless of the blame.

I got a lot out of reflection and being careful daily. I understand the state that I need to be in in order to get better at doing things. I am happy, even though not everything is working out right now.

My advice, we should live our life happily, reduce as much blame and conflicts (and stress) as possible through our own pattern in order to increase the satisfaction we get out of life and the world.


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