My dream is complete. I am successful in my field even though it doesn’t look like I am using it. Nonetheless, I am very high in my study.

I believe that not everyone can be anything they want. Even so, it takes a lot of effort and some luck to get to where he or she wants. I wanted to be in a computer field because of my disaster with the computer when I was in eleventh grade. Someone custom my computer for me at $400. I was confident that the guy I know could handle it because he told me he works with his uncle at a shop fixing computers with some experience with putting computer together. He sounded qualified, even though the computer later turned out buggy. I spent $50 to fix it at a computer shop. The people at the shop said I needed to replace the motherboard or something. I thought that the lady was being nice to me hearing my trouble with the computer.

Anyway, I felt like I couldn’t take on the World when I couldn’t even understand about computers. And so, I focused on my major with some alternate plans that didn’t work out. I ended up with computer science, even though I started out with a computer science and engineering. My minor is electrical engineering.

My dream was unrealistic because I had to reinvent myself to adjust to the new study. It wasn’t easy, and I am not just any girl trying to make it in this World. I wasn’t always comfortable with the world, even though I am usually known to comfortable with my surrounding. I suppose that explains me working so much. I also have expectation and ambition to be very successful.

I live 10 minutes away from the college I attended, which was the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). I tried to be at the top of my field at the beginning. It was not easy adjusting to a new idea, even though I made the subject easy to understand.

Last year, I found out that quite a few students spend more money on books and other stuff for their field. I thought I was lucky to find such a nice webpage for books, even though some of them are from Indian publishers or international edition. Some of the books are colored print.

I also thought that I could be anything I wanted, and so I take on a lot of fields. It was stressful and unecessary. I found out  that I was more gifted to understand hard subjects easily. I failed some classes and later resulted in being sick and couldn’t finish college.

That was the present I was living with. Other memory and contact have showed me that I did finished college even though I feel like I got no proof to tell people, the people at the hospital about my college experience. I am very accomplished and successful. I am at the top of the school and my study. I was very happy, and still am.

About 3 years ago, I found out that I have always been successful and at the top of the school that I went with high recognition, but they are strictly hidden, especially to me in my memory. I was also involved in sports. I played football in high school and made several influences to other sport like basketball and boxing.

In all, I was very happy with my accomplishment and success.

My dream is done.

Note: I have other successes, even though I only talked about my school and computer experiences in this post.


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