History with Angels and Demons

I always thought I was a good Christian. I go to church for mass and praying. I attend Sunday mass and make confession to the priest. I went to the RCIA to understand my faith since I was born with it. However, I ran into devils and angels about 8 years ago. I didn’t think I would have bad or very holy things happened to me.

I wouldn’t say I was completely clueless when Lucifer talked to me as I was on the van to the State Mental Hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas. I was not sure why the staffs accused me of being sick because there is chemical in my brain or something, which caused me to make visits to the hospital with an appointment every month or something. (Unless they are lying to keep me there). Anyway, Lucifer talked to me and I was thinking of Jesus Christ on the mountain tempted by the Devil. And so, I copied what I can remember from the Bible. Then, he left and later contacted me for over a year.

I don’t know why Lucifer thinks I should call the Angel to get pregnant. I am still very confused. He said to call my Father in heaven. And I don’t remember doing anything like that before, and so I just ignored the Devil. But he was being persistent on getting me pregnant. Anyway, I was too busy with the Devil to tell him that I was and still am pregnant. I knew and know that I am with children. I was suffering through some traumatic, holy events about being pregnant and stuff on my first stay at the hospital that I got scared going to the Church again. I didn’t want to go to the Church because I didn’t think I deserved being tortured with holy Creatures. I was being pushed to attend mass/Church again. It was okay, I didn’t commit any sins other than not going to Sunday mass, and so I went to the confession.

Anyhow, one of the children contacted me, but I was not awared how many of them, total. I married someone last year and he was shocked that I got over 3 millions babies. I was shocked, too. Nevertheless, I was happy that I found a property for them and my family.


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