Damon, my lover, got me to see death and punishment differently!

I always thought the worst punishment is death, the end of one’s life. But I was wrong. It could happen at any point in our life in which life has been taking away from us, and it could be anything. I meant in more than one ways.

I am aware that there are more than one ways to punish and torture someone. I am still new on it, and I don’t have much to say.

Someone could lose their essence for life or have it comes to an end through an event or events in life.

I was at a point where I can no longer take another bad thing because I heard or experience too much, or too much for me to handle. I heard someone said in their head or something from afar that I can still sleep (peacefully), which tells me that that person was trying to harm me with information and events. I was not hurt, but I rather not live through suffering of negative thoughts. However, I cannot stop someone from talking to my head or prevent someone from doing something bad. Of course, I was in jail once. But it was better than going through people’s thoughts on it.

Anyway, give me ideas so that I can continue on this topic later.


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