Things I Love

I love to go out more than staying at home. But I rather stay inside the house because there are too much planning required if I want to spend the day outside. I love to spend time looking at different shops for clothes and accessories. And I love to go to see movies. I don’t spend that much time going to the movie theater, but I really like to watch movies or a complete season of TV show at home. It doesn’t take long for me to watch some TV show on my computer. I don’t know why, but I enjoy spending time at home right now. I think it is mainly because my children’s present are at home. They are great! Well, the idea of being surrounded by my kids are great. I don’t have much experience with kids. I just let the nannies take care of them later. There are too many to spend time with.

Anyway, I didn’t think food looks so good in picture! I may take some when I get the chance. But I don’t eat a lot of different kinds, just Vietnamese beef noodles (pho) and some variety of Vietnamese noodles, pizza, wings and fries. Oh, I love egg rolls! I love food, and I eat a lot of my favorite food, which is pretty much all I eat. I am picky about the other food and new food.



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