Expensive Social Life

Indeed, I don’t go outside because it is expensive. The money that goes to food, drinks and activities. I was having a budget for spending. But most importantly, I want to stay thin. Besides that, I like to show my success. But knowing I didn’t get much out of life 5 years ago, I just stopped completely.

Occasionally, I got called to go out, usually dining out by Alfredo. I know him from a club in college as an officer. And so, by connection, I thought he should be okay to hang out. But that guy is not good, especially due to his disaster of being invisible at night. He was appearing in my room trying to bother me. I found out that I was not the only person he bothered.

I stopped hanging out with that guy because I don’t feel like spending money on that guy. And he started telling me to pay and visit him at his home. It was too much for me. I already don’t like that guy and he is not attractive either. I made an announcement on Facebook that I don’t want to spend time with people so that I can have more money to spend on myself. But Alfredo keeps on calling me. It was so annoying. I don’t want to see and involve with that guy ever again. (I should accuse whoever got him to be officer at UTA.)

Oh right, I digress. The point for this post is that going out is expensive, especially when I don’t have anything good going in my life to tell people. And I hate to get advise from “friends” about my life. I don’t want help.

My expectation is high, but it is just another way the World is telling me to change my path. It is not for me and it is not true!

I have workers that locked my thoughts and stuff, but I still remember that one time when someone came to me to help me and I told her that I am very high in Vietnam. I was trying to say that I don’t need help. She recognized the “person” aka me that I was bringing up. And she said that she read about that person in the newspaper and stuff.

Anyway, my thoughts and who I am are not complete to me in my head because they are locked. And I got blocked from getting to where I want to be, supposedly. It is quite annoying.

I don’t have that many things that annoy me, but when they do, it’s super irritating and  I want out!


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